Thursday, March 26, 2015

Youth - Wednesday Movie Night

Hey Students!  Join us next Wednesday, April 1st at 6:30pm, to watch The Passion of the Christ movie in the main auditorium.  Students, please remember to get your parents permission to watch this.

How to start a relationship with Christ

Want to find out how to start a relationship with God?If so, we want to help you take the next step. We’ve prepared some helpful materials that show what the Bible says about becoming following Christ. These self-study materials will assist you in taking the first steps to growing spiritually. 

To receive these materials, or to talk to someone in person, please contact us at You can also check out our online information. 

On Mission Spotlight!!

We want to say thanks to Hendrick and Irene Maranan for making a difference at New Life.  Hendrick and Irene serve as volunteers on our Refreshment Team.  Thanks for serving at New Life Hendrick and Irene!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Outreach Mailer

Thanks to everyone who gave toward the outreach mailer.  As a result of your generosity, we were able to send an invitation to over 4,000 homes in our community.  Let’s pray that God will use those invitations to plant seeds and lead people to Christ.

Help Us Share the Good News

There are over 400,000 people within driving distance of our church and many of them need to hear about Jesus Christ.  Will you play a part in helping share Christ’s love?  Between now and Fall we want to reach out to our community. Here are some practical ways you can play a part. 

1) Take advantage of everyday opportunities to point people to  Christ.  Let your light shine through your everyday conversations and actions.  Let people see that Christ is real in your life.

2) Invite someone to church on Easter – Invite someone to Easter Sunday on April 5th.  A personal invitation can be a powerful tool that God uses to share His love.

3) Help spread the Word on Facebook  Each time we start a new series, we post an invitation on Facebook.  Help spread the word by hitting the “share” button when the post shows up in your Facebook feed.

4) Pass along an Invite card – When a new series comes around our church usually puts invite cards in the bulletin.  Hand a card to someone you know, or place a card in a public place, maybe a bulletin board at work.

5) Help us reach out via mail and web – From time to time our church mails invitations into the community.  The cost for the mailing breaks down to about $15 to reach a hundred homes.  Other times we use online methods of outreach.  You can play a part by making a special gift to help with our next community outreach.

6) Pray for our church to reach people for Christ -Take time this week to pray that God would use our outreach efforts to reach people for Christ.

Bible Reading Challenge

Are you reading through the book of Psalm? You are if you are following our Bible Reading Challenge. The Bible is the inspired word of God that helps us to know God and follow him. Many of us own a Bible, but don’t have a regular plan for reading it. To help bring focus, we’ve put together a Bible reading plan that brings you through a chapter of the Bible each day. If you follow this day by day checklist, you’ll be taking the next step toward knowing more of God’s word.

Check out our website to download our Bible Reading Challenge checklist.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Helping Those in Need

Would you like to help someone in need?The Bible says, “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done” Proverbs 19:17. The holidays are a great time to reach out to those in need. There are members of our community, and even in our own church family who can use a helping hand over Christmas. 

Here are a few ways that you can get involved:

1) Buy a gift card to a local supermarket and drop it off at the church office, we'll then pass it along to someone in need.

2) Make a special financial gift to the church and designate it for "members in need," we'll direct 100% of the gift to a member who could use a helping hand.

If you would like to find out more practical ways to help, send us an email at

On Mission Spotlight

We want to say thanks to Maureen Mirando for making a difference at New Life.  Maureen serves as one of our volunteer Greeters.  Thanks for serving at New Life Maureen!

Good Friday

Join us on Good Friday, April 3rd at 6:30 PM. We will worship, pray, and share communion as we reflect upon Christ's death on the cross.

Childcare will be provided for infants to children 3 years old, and we will also have a class for kids in preschool to 4th grade.

Easter Series – “Savior”

In celebration of Easter, we’re taking a three week break from the book of Hebrews to look at the Life of Christ in our new series called “Savior”.  On Easter Sunday we’ll kick off the "Savior" series with the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  It’s a great story for Easter Sunday.  At the conclusion of the three week “Savior” series, we’ll pick up again with our study in the book of Hebrews.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Why I Like Going Through Books of the Bible

(Note: This is part of a larger series on the weekend messages. Click here to see the original post) 
Why I like going through books of the Bible
As general rule I like going through books of the Bible during the weekend service. Over the course of a typical year, 75% of the Sundays are probably going through a book of the Bible in a structured way, the other 25% are more topical in nature (Christmas, Easter, etc)  The following are three benefits of going through books of the Bible:
o   It allows us to study a passage in context – As we study a passage as part of a structured series, we have an opportunity to see that passage in light of the bigger teaching of that particular book of the Bible.  We see what comes before and after each passage as we move along week by week. 
o   It promotes familiarity with a book of the Bible – If each week we jumped around and looked at one verse here, another verse there, it would harder to become familiar with the overall message and contents of a book of the Bible. 
o   Opportunity for members to read along – By going through an entire book of the Bible, members have the opportunity to read ahead  They know what’s coming next and can study along to better form their own understanding of the passage. This is especially helpful in larger books, when we don’t cover ever chapter in equal detail, members can fill in the blanks by studying the “non-covered” portions of scripture on their own. 
There are other good reasons for going through books of the Bible, but the above are a good start. 
Next week’s topic “Why I Break Books of the Bible into Smaller Series”

Good News for Guilty People (3.22.15 Message)

This past Sunday we continued our "Good News for Guilty People" series, and talked about drawing near versus drifting away.
To listen to the message or download the full outline, visit our website

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Children's Offering

Each weekend, children have an opportunity to give an offering in our Kidzlife classes. This is an opportunity for kids to learn giving to God at an early age. We invited parents to use this as an opportunity to share this important value with their kids. 

If you have any questions, please contact our children's staff at

On Mission Spotlight!!

We want to say thanks to Don Suwyn for making a difference at New Life.  Don (on right) serves as a volunteer at our Welcome Center.  Thanks for serving at New Life Don!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Serve @ New Life

This past Sunday we highlighted serving at New Life. If you would like to get involved, but didn’t turn in a “Get Involved” slip, you can fill out our online interest form, and we’ll contact you about ways to get involved.

You can also find general information about serving in the serving section of our website here.

Mexico Outreach

Our church supports an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico called Estado 29.  Towards the beginning of each month, a team of volunteers goes on a one-day trip to Ensenada to help share God's love with the kids there. 
Want to find out how to get involved?  Check out our outreach webpage here, or email us at

Did you see our Easter Banner on the corner last Sunday?

We’re in countdown mode to Easter Sunday.  Help spread the word and invite someone to church on April 5th!

Why I Like to Plan Ahead

(Note: This is part of a larger series on the weekend messages. Click here to see the original post)

Why I Like to Plan Ahead
Some pastors plan there messages week by week. I tend to have a schedule of topics that extends from six month up until a year into the future. The following are some of the reasons I like to plan ahead…

Intentional Biblical Diet - By laying it out, I can look at the overall balance of God’s word that our church is getting. By having a schedule, others can have input.  For example, each year I give my proposed message schedule to our church board members and the staff. This allows others to see where I’m going.

Getting a Head Start on Studying – If I know that three months from now I’m doing a series on the life of Jacob dealing with integrity. I can keep my eyes open ahead of time for passages, stories, and examples to file away for upcoming series. At the beginning of year I create files for the series and start collecting material along the way.

It helps with overall church planning – All staff members are provided with a copy of the message schedule – this allows them to plan with the messages in mind. They are able to see the start of new series, the topics we’ll cover, when guest speakers will be here, etc.  It can allow from a more integrated church calendar.

It fits how I am wired – Part of me is very spontaneous, I’m wired in a “figure it out as you go” mode.  But because preparing and delivering the message is an exceptionally draining activity for me, I need this part of my life to have some structure.  Speaking is the one activity (Besides counseling) that can suck the life out of me.  The spiritual and creative energy that goes into the weekly message can be exhausting.  Knowing what I’m speaking on, ahead of time, gives me a weekly starting point in what can already feel like an overwhelming process.

Subject to Change – While I plan ahead, the message schedule is always subject to change.  I always want to be open to changes God may want or needs of the church that should be addressed.

So… those are some of the reasons I plan ahead.

Next week this series on the weekend message continues with “Why I like going through books of the Bible”.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Committing Your Life to Christ

Want to find out how to start a relationship with Christ?
If so, we want to help you take the next step.  We’ve prepared some helpful materials that show what the Bible says about becoming a follower of Christ.  These self-study materials will assist you in taking the first steps to growing spiritually.  To receive these materials, or to talk to someone in person, please contact us at  You can also check out our online information.

On Mission Spotlight!!

We want to say thanks to Gina Cox for making a difference at New Life.  Gina serves as a volunteer in our office.  Thanks for serving at New Life Gina!