Sunday, September 15, 2019

"Kings" Series (9.15.19 Message)

Today we continued our "Kings" series.  Our topic was "Kings - Be careful of relationships that pull you from God".  See below for more...

Opening Observations from 1 Kings 11
1) Sometimes wise people can unwisely disobey God.
2) Relationship decisions can make or break you.

Questions from 1 Kings 11
1) Am I wiling to obey God's word above my own desires?
2) Am I holding on to someone or something that is pulling me from God?
3) Am I surrounding myself with a thousand things that will pull me from God?
4) Am I putting myself in a situation where it's only a matter of time until I sin?
5) As I'm getting older, am I getting closer or further from God?
6) Have I become okay with half-hearted devotion?
7) Do I need to refocus on recognizing and responding to God's love?

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

"Kings" Series Week 1 (9.8.19 Message)

Today we started our "Kings" series.  Our topic was "Kings- Don't let desperation lead you to compromise".  See below for more...

Three times I might be tempted to cross the line...
1) When it looks like things are falling apart.
2) When I feel that I've waited long enough.
3) When pressure is mounting.

Three things to remember when the pressure is on...
1) I need to do it God's way no matter what.
2) God blesses obedience.
3) The perceived help, is outweighed by long term loss.

Three questions for a heart check...
1) Is this decision coming from a place of faith, or a place of faith?
2) Is this decision accompanied by peace, or impatience?
3) Do I feel like I have to pick the better of two evils?

Closing Thought - Christ is the source of strength to stand and the source of forgiveness when I fall.

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

"Re:New" Series (9.1.19 Message)

Today we continued our "Re:New" series.  Our topic was "Re:Turn - Turn back to God".  See below for more...

1) Admit and own the sin.
2) Realize there is hope.
3) Be willing to make tough decisions.
4) Accept accountability.
5) Acknowledge that some changes take time.
6) Accept that greater sin can result in greater consequences and require greater efforts when repenting.
7) Put in place a plan to see it through.
8) Remember that God's love and Christ's sacrifice is greater than our greatest sins.

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