Monday, May 27, 2013

Note From Mike Hannah

   2013 is a big year for our family. It’s my and my wife's 30th year anniversary, it’s the year I turn 50 (which actually isn’t that exciting… but anyway…) and… it’s our youngest  daughter’s 18th  birthday.  So to celebrate, we have a huge trip planned for the summer.  

   I’ll be speaking from now, through June 2nd. Then, beginning June 9th, I’ll be gone for the last four Sunday’s in June. I want to let you know so you won’t think I’ve been kidnapped or hit by a bus.

   I’ll miss all of you, but we have something good planned at New Life for those four weekends. I’ve asked a series of guest speakers to come and share a favorite story on the life of Christ.  So from June 9th – June 30th we’ll take a break from the book of Acts, and look at the life of Jesus. We’re calling the series “The Son.”  Then when I return on the first week of July, we’ll pick up right where we left off, and continue our series through the book of Acts.

See you soon! 


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