Thursday, November 19, 2015

Your Gift to Spreading the Gospel in India

Hey New Lifers,

Part of your giving  goes to support mission work in India.  This week, because of your generosity, we were able to make a Christmas gift to support the spreading of the gospel India. Below is a list of what we donated.

5 Bicycles A bicycle saves a national missionary precious time so even more people will get to hear about Jesus.

150 Bibles - Many believers in Asia are first-generation believers who grew up knowing nothing of God’s ways, and they’re hungry for His Word. Give believers in Asia their own Bibles or New Testaments, and help them grow in their knowledge of God and walk more closely with Him.

2000 Tracts - A Gospel tract gives someone the opportunity to read the full message of what God did for them—over and over again. Oftentimes, that Gospel tract will be read aloud to others who are illiterate or passed on to someone else who will read it and pass it on to yet another person.

Please take a moment to pray for those who are sharing the gospel in India. 

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