Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Would you pray for the church?  If you missed last night’s prayer meeting, here are some of specific prayers you can offer up on behalf of our church.  Take a time this week to pray.

·      That Father would be magnified, Christ would be glorified, and the Holy Spirit would be honored at our church.

·      That God would use our church to share Christ with our community.

·      That God would add to our number those being be saved.

·      That God would bring times of refreshing from the Holy Spirit.

·      That God would work powerfully during our weekend services.

·      That God would cause each of our members to grow in our love for Jesus Christ.

·      That God would work in our lives so that Christ’s light would shine through each member.

·      That each child in our children’s ministry would follow and serve Jesus.

·      That each youth group member would come to know and love Jesus.

·      That God would change lives in our life groups.

·      That God would encourage everyone who is serving, and that we would give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord.

·      That God would bring help, hope and healing to members of our church family who need it.

·      That God would provide financially for members of our church family who are in need.

·      That would provide financially for the ministry of our church.

·      That God would raise up new volunteers, new leaders and new staff for our church.

·      That God would bless the other churches in our community.

·      That God would bless those who are sharing the gospel with those who never heard it.

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