Sunday, August 25, 2019

"Re:New" Series (8.25.19 Message)

Today we continued our "Re:New" series.  Our topic was "Re:Pent - Acknowledge sin and the need for change".  See below for more...

1) Do I have sorrow for my sin?
2) Am I admitting and owning my sin?
3) Do I acknowledge the consequences of  my sins?
4) Am I acknowledging God's undeserved goodness and grace towards me?
5) Am I recognizing God's gracious opportunity for a new beginning?
6) Am I acknowledging that I've disobeyed God's word?
7) Am I acknowledging that God's commands are right, and for my good?
8) Am I recognizing that God has treated me better than I deserve?
9) Am I realizing the foolishness of going back to my old behavior?
10) Am I acknowledging God's righteousness, unilaterally surrendering, and throwing myself on God's mercy?
11) Am I finding forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ?

To listen to the message, click here.

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