Monday, July 18, 2011

Repairing Broken Relationships

Looking for some guidance on repairing broken relationships. Jacob has to face his brother Esau, who earlier wanted to kill him. Jacob knows He needs to make things right so in Genesis 32 and 33 He takes steps to reconcile. Below are 8 observations on repairing broken relationships from the life of Jacob. These were shared as during the weekend service on 7/17/11

1) Take the first step in reaching out. Vs 3 “Sent messengers ahead”

2) Pray for God’s help in reconciling. Vs 9 “Then Jacob prayed”

3) Send the message that you want to make things right. Vs 21 “Jacob’s gifts went on ahead”

4) Come with an attitude of humility. Vs 3 “bowed…seven time”

5) If you’re the one wronged, don’t let pride get in the way of expressing forgiveness. Vs 4 “ran to meet him”

6) Broken relationships affect more than just the people feuding. Vs 5 “who are these/”

7) Follow through in fully expressing regret. Vs 11 “Jacob insisted”

8) Understand that the new reconciled relationship may look different than the old relationship. Vs “Jacob however went to Succoth”

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