Monday, November 27, 2017

"You Got to Have Faith" Series (11.26.17 Message)

On Sunday we continued our "You Got to Have Faith" series.  Our topic: "Faith for when you feel like giving up".  See below for more...

Three observations on discouragement:

1) Even the greatest people in the Bible struggled
    with discouragement.

2) Past blessings don't make you immune to seasons
    of discouragement.

3) Discouragement doesn't always make sense from
    the outside.

Three responses for when you're feeling deep discouragement:

1) Pray honestly about how you feel.
2) Realize recovery may be a journey.
3) Head toward God. 

Three reasons for the journey out of discouragement:

1) A new perspective on God.
2) A new purpose in life
3) A new person for support.

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