Monday, November 20, 2017

"You Got to Have Fath" Series (11.19.17 Message)

On Sunday we continued our "You Got to Have Faith" series.  Our topic: "Faith for recommitting your life to God".  See below for more...

Two symptoms that a spiritual turn around is needed:

1) When I’m wavering and unwilling to fully commit
    to God.

2) When my heart is increasingly unmoved by the
    things of God.

Starting a spiritual turn around...

1) It only takes one person to start a spiritual turn

2) It takes someone who is willing to pray.
3) It takes someone who is willing to stand for God
    even if others don’t.

I turn back to God when...

1) I respond to God’s recommitting work in my heart.
2) When I go from half-hearted wavering to fully
    committed worshipping

3) When my decision to follow God results in me
    putting away the things that pull me away

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