Sunday, November 18, 2018

"Inside Out" Series (11.18.18)

Today we continued our "Inside Out" series.  See below for more...

I can get upset and frustrated when...

1) The people who think I should helping, don't help.
2) Others don't support the things that I think are
3) I'm struggling and God doesn't seem to be
4) God isn't changing people the way I think they
    need to be changed

Questions to ask when I'm feeling frustrated, worried, overworked and under-supported

1) Does this thing that “has to be done”, really have
    to be done?

2) At this moment in my life, what is God doing?.
3) What am I distracted by? What am I distracted
    from? And is it worth it?.

4) Is this activity drawing me closer to Christ, or
    distracting me away from Christ.
5) Is this activity bringing unity with the people
    closest to me, or frustration and friction?
6) Is my focus pulling me toward or away from the
    one thing that is needed?
7) In what way can I chose the better way?
8) If people do what I want, will it take away
    something important that God has for them?
9) What “one thing” is most needed for me to have a more Christ-focused life?

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