Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Message from Mike Hannah

This year I’m celebrating 25 years of serving at New Life Community Church! By God’s grace I’m committed to serving for the long haul.  To make this work, I’ve tried to create a ministry pace that I’m able to maintain.  A crucial part of this is having breaks in my speaking schedule.  That’s why every six weeks or so, we’ll have someone else speak.  That’s about the right amount of time until I run out of gas from speaking.  It also gives you a chance to hear God’s word from other speakers.

Also, from time to time, I try to take an extended break. I did one of those two years ago in 2013.  I’m be doing another one this May.  Here’s the plan: We’ll be doing a seven week series called “By Faith”.  During the series we’ll look at stories of the Bible mentioned in Hebrews chapters 11.  I’ll kick off the series on April 26th, and then for the next four weeks, we’ll have guest speakers come and share God’s word. Then on May 31st I’ll come back and finish the last two weeks of the series. Below is the schedule.

April 26th –Mike Hannah
May 3rd – Nick Bradshaw
May 10th – Brian Parks
May 17th – Chris Sonksen
May 24th – Adam Smith
May 31st – Mike Hannah
June 7 – Mike Hannah           

I’ll miss all of you while I’m gone, but I think you’ll enjoy some of the speakers that will be coming in! 

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