Thursday, February 1, 2018

2017 Year End Financial Update

2017 is over, so it’s time for a financial update.  Here are some key highlights:

1)   We have many generous givers:
   We have a group of incredibly generous
   members who faithfully give to God.  As many
   of you know, we’ve had financial struggles
   recently, but this doesn’t take away from the
   generosity of our members.  We appreciate
   each person who supports the mission of Christ
   at New Life.

2)   We experienced a large (and unexpected)
   rent increase:
   Our church got hit with a big rent increase this
   year.  We negotiated as best we could, but the
   owner was adamant in increasing our rent.
   This put a significant strain on an already
   stretched budget.

3)   We are facing a total shortfall of $30,201
   for 2017:

   After everything is said and done, we
   experienced a budget shortfall of $30,201 for
   the twelve months of 2017.  This averages out
   to a shortfall of $2516 a month.  In response,
   we’ve cut expenses, pulled money from
   reserves and are reducing our facility size.

4)   We are in the process of reducing our
   facility size:
  We are moving church offices
   into our youth/kidzlife area.  This will reduce
   both direct and indirect facility costs. This
   move should make a significant difference in
   closing our gap in giving.

5)   We need everyone’s prayers: 
We have faced financial struggles in the past,
   and each time God has seen us through!
There’s no reason to expect that this time
   won’t be the same.  Please take time to pray
   for God’s provision for our church.  Pray that
   God will prompt each person to play the part
   He wants in carrying out Christ’s mission. 

Looking forward to what God has for us in 2018! 

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