Sunday, September 8, 2019

"Kings" Series Week 1 (9.8.19 Message)

Today we started our "Kings" series.  Our topic was "Kings- Don't let desperation lead you to compromise".  See below for more...

Three times I might be tempted to cross the line...
1) When it looks like things are falling apart.
2) When I feel that I've waited long enough.
3) When pressure is mounting.

Three things to remember when the pressure is on...
1) I need to do it God's way no matter what.
2) God blesses obedience.
3) The perceived help, is outweighed by long term loss.

Three questions for a heart check...
1) Is this decision coming from a place of faith, or a place of faith?
2) Is this decision accompanied by peace, or impatience?
3) Do I feel like I have to pick the better of two evils?

Closing Thought - Christ is the source of strength to stand and the source of forgiveness when I fall.

To listen to the message, click here.

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